Nathan Sebastian



British film composer Nathan Sebastian is known for his scores to Hurricane Road (Official Selection, Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions 2023), Bodies in the Road (Sandbar International Film Awards 2020, London Rocks Film Festival 2020), In Retrospect (Sci-On Film Festival 2017, Buskopolis Festival of Cinematic Oddities 2017) and Yolk (Ouchy Film Awards Switzerland 2017, Unrestricted View Film Festival 2017). For the London premiere of Yolk in 2016, he composed a stand alone piano piece, The Forgotten Forest. This piece was written for live performance at the premiere.

His compositional aesthetic draws upon many different musical influences of the 19th and 20th centuries. His hybrid scores combine elements of classical orchestral scoring, synth programming and ambient-electronica.

At a young age, he began studying classical piano and violin. Performing in piano trios, string orchestras, symphony orchestras and choirs, his curiosity and love of music developed into a keen interest in composition. Whilst completing his BSc. in Physics at Imperial College, he began studying piano with Serbian concert pianist Marina Petrov. He has performed at many prestigious venues around London including the Blüthner Piano Centre in Mayfair. After this foray into classical piano performance, he attended Trinity Laban Conservatoire to study composition.

His vast catalogue of work includes film scores, orchestral, chamber and choral pieces. With a strong foundation in common practice era composition, he also composes contemporary classical pieces. In one such work, Beneath a Waning Moon, he set the words of the poem Kubla Khan, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, to a piece for strings, woodwind, tuned percussion, piano and choir.